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Reward Based Obedience Training for Dogs and their Owners

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Next courses start on 8th January 2018

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Beginners’ Training Course

“Giving you the positive attitude and skills needed to bond with and control your dog“

This 8 week long course runs regularly throughout the year. Check for the next available Course Date. It’s open to dogs aged approximately 20 weeks and over depending on the dog and it's personality and covers basic obedience training.

Places must be pre-booked in person at the club. Full payment is required to secure your place.  It’s best to book early as this course is very popular. 

The first session of each course is a talk and demonstration. Please DON’T bring your dog on this night!  Over the subsequent weeks you’ll cover:

Each week you’ll receive a brief “practice” sheet for you and your dog. Keep your training sessions away from class short and enjoyable. Choose your moment when you have the time to do 5-10 minute training sessions with your dog at home and while out exercising.

Remember dogs, like children, learn at different rates – if you’ve any questions or concerns speak to your trainer. We’re here to encourage and help you.

To get the best out of your class please look at our recommendations on what to do before you come to training. Please remember to bring your dog training kit with you! If you have any questions or concerns speak to your trainer. We’re here to encourage and help you.

On successfully completing this course you and your dog will receive a certificate.

Progress to the Kennel Club Good Citizens class

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One to one training is also available

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