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Positive Reward Based Training

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Spend time bonding and learn new skills

Course Dates and Times

How do I book onto a course?

Bookings can be made at the Club in person on a Monday night between 6.30pm and 7.30pm or by completing our on-line form here.  Payment in full is needed to

 secure your place. We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Where do I go?

Our courses take place at Brighton Hill Community College, Brighton Way, Basingstoke RG22 4HS on Monday evenings from 6.30pm until 9pm. Go to the community centre entrance not the school reception.

Anything else I need to know?

We suggest you familiarise yourself with our Code Of Conduct and review the Course Description which should give you all the information you need.

Class Time
Puppy Foundation 6.30 - 7.15pm
Starters 7.15 - 8.00pm
Junior Beginners 7.30 - 8.15pm
Good Citizens Introductory 6.30 - 7.15pm
Good Citizens Advanced 8.00 - 8.45pm
Obedience 8.15 - 9.30pm

Calender 2019
July August September
1st week 1 - new course cycle 5th week 5 2nd week 1 - new course cycle
8th week 2 12th week 6 9th week 2
15th week 3 19th week 7 16th week 3
22nd week 4 26th Bank Holiday - no club 23rd week 4
29th School closed (cleaning) 30th week 5
October November December
7th School closed (parents evening)1 4th week 2 2nd week 6
14th week 6 11th week 3 9th week 7
21st week 7 18th week 4 16th No Club - Christmas Break2
28th week 1 - new course cycle 25th week 5 23rd No Club - Christmas Break
30th No Club - Christmas Break

1 Club AGM

2 Club Christmas party tbc

Calender 2020
January February March
6th week 1 - new course cycle 2nd week 5 2nd week 2
13th week 2 10th week 6 9th week 3
20th week 3 17th week 7 16th week 4
27th week 4 24th week 1 - new course cycle 23rd week 5
30th week 6
April May June
6th week 7 4th week 3 1st week 6
13th Easter Holiday - no club 11th week 4 8th week 7
20th week 1 - new course cycle 18th week 5 15th week 1 - new course cycle
27th week 2 25th Bank Holiday - no club 22nd week 2
29th week 3
July August September
6th week 4 3rd School closed - no club 7nd week 1 - new course cycle
13th week 5 10th School closed - no club 14th week 2
20th week 6 17th School closed - no club 21st week 3
27th week 7 24th School closed - no club 28th School closed - no club
31st Bank Holiday - no club
October November December
5th week 4 2nd week 1 - new course cycle 7th week 6
12th week 5 9th week 2 14th week 7
19th week 6 16th week 3 21st No Club - Christmas Break
26th week 7 23rd week 4 28th No Club - Christmas Break
30th week 5

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