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Positive Reward Based Training

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Course Descriptions

Our courses have a clear structured format. Each week you will learn new skills and build on those acquired in previous lessons. Our trainers will use their knowledge and experience to help you get the best results for  your dog. To get the most from the course, it is important that you continue the work outside the class environment and practise the skills you learn between classes. The more you put in, the more the bond between you and your dog and your dog’s understanding will increase.

Puppy Foundation Course

For puppies up to 16 weeks of age. This course introduces you to basic obedience. Find out what motivates your puppy and use this to encourage good behaviours. Puppies will learn to socialise appropriately with other dogs and people in a safe, enjoyable environment. For a full course description, go here.

Junior Beginners Course

For older puppies and those who have completed our Puppy Foundation Course. You will be introduced to positive reward based training and will build on what you have already learnt. By the end of this course you can either sign up for our Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen’s Class or you may feel that you have all the skills you need to carry on independently. For a full course description, go here.

Starters Course

Ideal for any dog that has missed out on fundamental training as a puppy this covers basic obedience skills using clicker training. The trainers can help with advice on any issues that your dog may have especially if from a rescue background. Each week new skills are introduced and those learnt in previous lessons are reinforced. For a full course description, go here.

Kennel Club Good Citizens Courses

The Kennel Club developed these nationally recognised qualifications for dogs to demonstrate their attainment of set levels of obedience. We run courses covering the skills needed to pass Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and organise formal tests about every 6 months. Classes run on a rolling basis so you can decide with your trainers when you are ready to take each test. There is usually a waiting list for these classes. For summary course descriptions, go here.