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Photo courtesy of Jordan Pinder
Basingstoke & District Dog Training Club

Code of Conduct


  • We ask everyone at the Club to:
    • show respectful behaviour to each other and to the dogs. Bullying, rudeness, harassment, verbal abuse, or threatening actions will not be tolerated
    • be thoughtful and attentive of dogs when coming into or leaving the premises. This is often the most stressful experience for dogs, owners and others using the facilities
    • please never touch a dog without first asking the owner. Some dogs coming to club may be nervous and/or unused to people and other dogs
    • advise us, at reception or by email, of any change of circumstance that we need to be aware of, e.g. medical issues, dog behavioural issues, new address etc.
  • Harsh handling or punishing your dog in a way deemed cruel or inappropriate is not acceptable
  • A temporary or full Club membership is required before dog training can commence
  • Dogs that are unwell or bitches in season are not to be brought to the Club
  • All dogs must be on a lead or crated at all times, unless working in class under the direction of a Club trainer

Cleanliness and Toilet Manners

  • Please ensure your dog goes to the toilet off the venue grounds before coming to the Club
  • If your dog soils either on the venue grounds or inside the Club, please clean up. Dispose of poo bags in an appropriate bin outside the premises or take them home. Urine on the building walls must be washed down with disinfectant too. Poo Bags and cleaning products are available on request
  • Please bring your own poo bags and wipes to the Club


  • Sight of certified proof of immunisation is required for all puppies

Training Equipment

  • Ensure your dog is wearing a secure, comfortable collar with a name tag including your surname, telephone number and address
  • No choke chains, half chokes, metal leads or flexi leads are to be used at the Club
  • Harnesses are fine for coming to and from the Club but please use a proper collar (unless there is a medical reason not to) and a soft lead for training
  • Handlers please wear appropriate clothing for dog training – comfortable soft shoes to avoid accidentally hurting dogs and clothing that doesn’t flap in your dog’s face

Junior Handlers

  • As a guideline junior handlers are expected to be 12 or older
  • Junior handlers will be evaluated by a Club trainer prior to being accepted for training
  • All handlers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible non-training adult

Families and Visitors at Club

  • Please introduce yourself at reception when you first come to the Club
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible non-training adult at all times
  • Only one handler per dog please
  • Only handlers and dogs on the training floor
  • No distractions or interruptions from observers
  • Observers please sit calmly on a chair off the training area taking care to come and go quietly

Guidelines for Children and Dogs

  • NEVER leave young children and puppies or dogs unsupervised
  • Ensure your dog has uninterrupted rest time when needed away from any children
  • Make sure children keep their faces away from dogs
  • Don’t allow children and dogs feeding to mix. It’s best to keep children, dogs and food separate unless they are being carefully supervised
  • Ensure children never poke, grab or jump on the dog

Club Constitution

You can also download a copy of the Club's Constitution here